Last Minute Over New Years Vacation Ideas
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Any ideas for reasonable cost vacations to somewhere warm with outdoor activities over New Years?

I would like to take a last minute vacation with my significant other over New Years. We have been so busy with work neither of us has had any time to plan anything or really generate that many ideas. Even though it is last minute I would like to keep the cost reasonable. We are ideally looking for someplace warmish with outdoor opportunities though that could just be walking around a city.

We would be flying from Chicago and New York respectively. And probably could leave on 12/27 and would need to return on 1/1 or 1/2.

The few ideas that we have been bouncing around the last few days include:
1) Mexico City
2) Austin, TX
3) New Orleans
4) La Paz, Baja Mexico
5) Maybe some of the Southwestern US national parks though it might be too cold.
6) Cross-country skiing in Yellowstone though we haven't investigated the snow conditions yet.
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I love New Orleans for quick get aways. Keep an eye out on weather forecasts. Late Dec/early Jan is just now getting into the extended forecasts but it may be colder and rainier than historical for this time of the year. Maybe add Miami to your list?
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It might be helpful if you can specify what you mean by "warmish", I'm assuming there are some cultural difference in meaning here because I would have never suggested any sort of cross country skiing, not even somewhere just barely below freezing let alone in Wyoming.

I think it's pretty common for people to assume snow on the ground = not warm.

I've been snowmobiling at Yellowstone in March and in my opinion it was very, very, very cold.

Chicago must be even colder in the winter than I've imagined.
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OTOH, if you are fine with Wyoming in the winter you'll find any national parks anywhere in the Southwest (check to see if they aren't closed for winter) will be warm and toasty!
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Just to clarify warmish (+65 F and ideally low 80s) would be a preference. The cross-country skiing in Yellowstone was just a random idea but it definitely wouldn't fall into the warmish category. One other factor that I forgot to mention is that we would like to avoid areas with Zika exposure risks.
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No Zika? How did Mexico and Texas even make your list? Check this map New Orleans is pretty close to Texas so I'd avoid it.

Go to Phoenix or Vegas.
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Yeah, Mexico is out if you want to avoid Zika, and Louisiana might be iffy. Southern California - LA? San Diego? - might fit the bill, and will almost certainly be in your temperature range.

It's a long flight (and during the dates you're looking at, not a cheap one either, but that's true almost no matter where you fly to), but it will definitely be warm and there's no Zika: Hawaii.
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Santa Fe New Mexico (fly to ABQ). Don’t miss Meow Wolf.
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