I dream of wool leggings...
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Do these wool leggings exist? I want ones that are any of these things: a) are fuzzy like terry-loop socks on the inside, b) contain elastane or spandex so they don't get baggy by the end of the day, or c) are high-waisted or cut more generously in the seat so they don't slide down when bending over.

I've been trying a bunch of wool leggings from online (WoolX, Minus33, Kari Traa, Brynje)... none of them have been great, in my experience.

Most common problem is that the rise is too low and/or they don't have enough material in the butt, so when I bend over they slide down. I would not consider myself to be unusually callipygous, but there it is.

Second most common problem is the 100% wool ones get pretty baggy by the end of the day (I like my leggings to be pretty tight).

My dream leggings would be like stretchy wool socks with those little loops of thread on the inside (i.e. terry-loop) all the way up, contain elastane or spandex, and have a really high waist.

Surely someone has made leggings that are like socks...
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Yes. I have a pair of merino fair isle leggings from Land’s End that are thick, like socks (not described as french terry but have the loops inside) and VERY high waisted (well over my belly button and described as granny leggings in the reviews). They’re soft and super warm. I find them too high waisted for my liking, but I prefer low waisted leggings.
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Elastane. Here you go
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These Duofold thermal leggings are SUPER soft inside but not wool. High-rise. I'm wearing a pair right now and they are soooo comfy.
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Prepare for sticker shock, but these are the warmest thing I've ever owned. Super soft, high (but not too high) waist.
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