Toomey Bots
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Senator Toomey regularly tweets about his tax bill. Generally the tweets get very few likes but in the past few days he's been getting maybe ten times as many likes. I suspect bots are responsible. How do I go about checking this theory?

I've seen the sites that will estimate how many followers are bots but can't find a way to do the same for likes on a particular tweet.
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Buying likes is definitely a thing, but it's also just as possible he got a retweet from a big conservative account that sparked activity, or Russian bots are out in full force giving him a boost to keep Republicans in power, which shields Donald Trump from things like investigations and impeachment. (For instance, I have a friend who covers the NFL for a large news outlet and she said when the anthem protests got huge and Trump started talking about it, she noticed lots of bots with no photo and strange English syntax getting involved in her tweets, which was apparently Russian trolls trying to amplify the issue.)

Unfortunately, the sites that could spot suspect spikes in engagement are for users to check their own accounts. I'm not sure there's a way for a lay person to figure this out in any concrete way.
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