Bavarian Secret Santa?
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My Secret Santa giftee this year is especially tricky, but he especially likes: German heritage stuff (his family holds a yearly Oktoberfest), German food, and Baltimore sports. There is cool stuff that I've found (like a german meat and cheese sampler), but none of it fits the $30 limit. I live in NYC, so I also have access to stores in Manhattan or the outer boroughs. What could I get that might fit these interests?

He also likes high end liquor, but his fiancee and him are trying to pare back an extensive liquor collection at the moment, so I'm hesitant to get him any more of that.

He's starting up a food truck company that specializes in German cuisine, but I also don't want to buy him anything for his business.

Any ideas that hit on the above interests, but also fit within $30 to $40 bucks?
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How about a couple of interesting flavors of mustard?
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More new years ... but Marzipan Pig!

Make your own.
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A gift tin of Underberg is usually about $20.
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Get him a Bayern Munich scarf. I'm on my phone so can't do better linkage right now.
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Does he bake? The cookbook Classic German Baking by Luisa Weiss (published in 2016) is very highly regarded.
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A spatzle press or a cool stein
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Maybe you could find some illegal Kinder eggs since you're in NYC?
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Leckerlee makes the closest thing I've found in US shops to Nuremberg style Elisenlebkuchen, a traditional Christmas-season flourless spice cookie. My Bavaria-native manager seemed to enjoy them as well. They're made in NYC and right within your price range at about $30 a tin.
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Yes, lebkuchen! 4rtemis has it.

You can find it dried out in packages but that link from 4rtemis looks GREAT.
It’s such a delicious thing and a signature of Christmas in Bavaria (Nürnburg in particular).
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A German beer boot.
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thirding the leckerlee suggestion above! you can swing by the holiday market in union square and pick up some in person, if that works for you. (they are also at the holiday market at columbus circle, if that's easier for you.) my german sister-in-law was extremely pleased by their lebkuchen last year -- it's really really really good stuff, and it packs/ships well too! (they have small bags that are around $9 if you want to incorporate them into a little gift basket)
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The Mustard Museum has several samplers in your prize range, notably this adorable Mini Medley Gift Box (slightly under budget) and the Best Sellers Gift Box (slightly over budget).
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I bought this for my dad for Christmas last year.
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You can get a lot of German imports including delicious Mozartkugeln, at Schaller & Weber, located on Second Avenue just south of 86th Street. They have other candies, and jams and jellies, and condiments, and beer steins. And of course, if you do want sausages, you're in the right place.
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