Transporting Eggnog??
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So I'm making a batch of eggnog using this recipe and I'll need to transport it day of. The whipping thing makes me wonder if the consistency will be the same if I let it sit for some time and take it from point A to point B-- any insight or tips??
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It's going to separate out a little bit into foam and not-foam (will be very obvious if you carry it in a clear rubbermaid type pitcher like I do) but if you shake the everloving shit out of the pitcher it will come back together just fine (although possibly not be as foamy overall).
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Do you have access to a mixer where you're taking it? If so, I'd transport the egg whites and everything else mixed together separately, then beat the egg whites and combine when you get there. You wouldn't NEED a stand mixer, a bowl and a handheld mixer would work fine.
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Fat will break down a meringue. It is part of what makes a pavlova so delightful. But, for the purposes of this cocktail, wont work. I would take the meringue in a separate container from the rest and fold it in at the party. I have done this before and it worked beautifully.
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ftm has it - shake that shit! If it were me I'd prefer not to have to do any "assembly" once I've arrived at the party.

citation: school of hard nogs
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My family makes a version of this every year. The eggnog improves as it ages, but it does settle a bit over time—regardless of transport. Having said that, it still remains rich and foamy. (My family recipe also whips half of the cream to fold in, so that may help maintain the foaminess.) If you wait to mix in the egg whites, then the flavours will not be fully integrated. My advice is just to accept that some settling will occur. The more time it has to mellow, the better it will taste. It's good when it's first mixed up, but it's so much better after a few days in the fridge, and even better after a week+.
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The purpose of whipping the egg whites is to get a foamy, creamy texture. By pre-mixing you'd lose a lot of what you're trying to do. I mean, egg nog with just plain beaten eggs is delicious as well, just different. Whipped egg whites are pretty sturdy, actually, and even more so if you add some of the sugar that would have gone into the nog portion to make a meringue. Not too much, though, because you want it to be soft enough that it folds back in. But I would go with a two-part solution (no pun intended), as suggested by munching zombie. Aging eggnog is totally a thing, but it's not necessary to mix the whites before aging. My all-time favorite recipe (scroll down to "Dad's Eggnog") is made by combining the eggs, spirits, and sugar over a month in advance, then whipped cream is added for serving.
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Mix and measure before, whip it on site, leave all worries about taste and texture behind.
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Just whip it again when you get there. Before the cream sits out too long. Whip it. Whip it good.
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