How much does Bumble Boost cost, per your version of the app?
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Everything I saw online said it cost $9.99/month, but when I checked the price in my app, it said $24.99/month! That's insane. Is this some kind of regional/demographic "tax" or is this what it costs for everyone? Bonus Q: Any women tried paying for Bumble and can share their experience?

Even if I pay for six months at a time, the price only goes down to $13.33/month. I'm wondering if this is priced higher because I'm a woman in NYC and there are more single women than men in NYC, as opposed to some other markets. Or just because I live in NYC in general.

I'm interested in paying for Bumble for the Beeline feature, as a lot of the beautiful men of Bumble do not swipe back on me, and I'm sick of wasting time flipping through their pictures. I'm also curious if women who have tried the Beeline feature found it worthwhile?
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I'm a late 20s man in the Pacific Northwest, and my app is currently showing $7.99 for one month. They're almost certainly using some sort of dynamic pricing based on age/gender/location/other factors (swiping habits? other users' interactions with your profile?).
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Late 20s dude in the Bay Area here, and it's currently showing $4.99/month for me. Weird.
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Early 40s dude, Mountain West, $25.
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Late 20s man, small town in MA, $7.99 per month.
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I'm female, over 40, in a large-ish midwest US city, it's showing me 8.99/WEEK (!) and 24.99/month. Same "discount" price. Sheesh.
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