Gift ideas for soccer-crazed teen boys?
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Looking for gift ideas for two pre-teen nephews who eat, sleep and breathe soccer... preferably under $20 each.

I've gotten them books about their favorite players, and they don't need soccer balls/uniforms/cleats. Are there any cool gifts that they could use that are related to the sport?
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Do they have backpacks to carry it all? This and this are the best decent <$20 ones on Google Shopping.
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How about some foam rollers to use after practice/games to help with recovery and lessen muscle soreness?
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A subscription to a magazine. Plenty of possibilities here.
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Team scarf from their favourite team/club?
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The board game StreetSoccer.
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Foosball table.
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Water bottles plus soccer stickers to put on them.
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Subbuteo! It's what people used to play before they invented those FIFA games.

The link points to the "everything you need to play" set on There are a lot of other products and accessories available, be careful you don't end up buying just the pitch, or a couple of teams...
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A kick trainer. It's like a dog leash that holds a ball and lets you practice skills and kicks without worrying about smashing nearby windows.
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$20 should cover their favorite team t-shirt.
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Something like David Squires books (The Illustrated History of Football and 2)? Maybe a digital subscription to WSC ? (goes a bit over the budget).

Otherwise, stick with something they can collect like scarves. They're like from €10 to €30 in Europe, some of them are in plain club colours and can be used day-to-day (I'd probably wear something like this Sampdoria scarf every day), the problem is how long (and how much) it would take to ship them.
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