What font(s) does Craigslist use?
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There seems to be at least two different ones - one sans serif, one serif. Is the sans serif arial? What's the serif font? I'm displaying it on Chrome, on Windows, if it matters. What font sizes does it typically render as?
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Best answer: A look into the CSS (and, if I'm being honest, my naked eye), the typefaces are Times New Roman and Arial. The sizes are: for the logo 31.33px, the name of the location at the top is 24px, the Arial header links are 16px, the other links are 13.333px, the nearby cl links are 11.2px.
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Yeah, it uses Arial (with any sans-serif as a fallback) and Times New Roman (with Times, and then any serif as a fallback). It seems to use 13.33px for the sans-serif and 16px for the serif.

You can view this yourself in Chome by selecting View > Developer > Developer Tools.
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To add to General Malaise's answer, there are also a bunch of "font-family: serif" and "font-family: sans-serif" settings, which mean "use whatever the browser's/user's defaults are".
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I meant to add for the future, if you're curious about this kind of thing, the right-click "Inspect" tool is really useful.
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