Artificial rose garlands in Portland, OR?
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Friend's wedding is coming up pretty quick and they want a few more garlands (~5 ft) for decoration. The original style they bought off Amazon is out of stock. There are others available there now, which might be the route they go -- but is there anywhere in the Portland metro area that would carry this kind of thing? We checked the big craft stores but everyone's in holiday stock mode.
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I'd try Lippmann's.

If someone is coming down from Seattle, Seattle Display & Costume is a treasure-house for this kind of thing.
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You might want to link to a photo.
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Howell's Floral is probably your best bet. It's out by the airport (and has weird hours but they are open on the weekend)
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Turns out Lippmann's only has them during the Kentucky Derby, and Howell's didn't have what we were looking for. I'll keep these places in mind for future flower needs, though, thanks!
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