Desperately Seeking URC-1160 (Sorry, Susan)
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My Spectrum (formerly TWC) cable box works via RF with a particular remote that comes with it in some areas. Not mine. I've got the IR remote and need the other sort. Can't find it on Amazon or eBay...

I've visited the Spectrum offices in my area (Portland, ME) and have been told that, in my area, the new cable box I have (the Spectrum 201-T, which is actually the Technicolor WorldBox) does not ship with its regular, RF-capable remote, the URC-1160. In some parts of the country, however, it does.

I've searched online to find a replacement--no dice. I've also called Spectrum, to see if they will send me one, and I was told that they can only request a new remote, not specify what sort. They shipped me another IR remote.

How can I get my hands on one of these URC-1160s?
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Best answer: I have Verizon FiOS, not Spectrum, but my remote looks very similar to the URC-1160. I have several extras. I would send you one if you PM me your mailing address. If it works, great. If not, toss it out.

Or, find someone you know, a relative or old friend, who lives where they have the URC's and ask them to ask their cable provider to send them a new one. Then they send it to you.
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call them, tell them you need a remote....
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patnok: "call them, tell them you need a remote...."

Second paragraph in the more inside...
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Does your box not work at all with the IR remote, or would you just prefer to have an RF remote? If it doesn't work with the IR remote, you might consider asking your cable company to swap the box and remote out for a pair that are known to work together. If your box works with the IR remote, and you're just looking for the "point it anywhere" RF experience, I've been really happy with my Harmony Hub for the past few years. It's a little box that emits IR signals that you control with an RF remote (or with an app on your phone.)
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Response by poster: Jordemort, the box works better with the RF remote in the configuration we're forced to have it.
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