Firefox addon - discourage visits to twitter/reddit etc
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I use an addon in Chrome to limit the time I can use Twitter, Reddit, etc (even metafilter , gasp) . I'd like something similar for Firefox.

It seems that a lot of the corresponding addons for Firefox stopped working with the step change to Firefox that occurred a couple of months ago. There is this, for instance, which I think I've used in the past but which is no longer supported for Firefox.

I use StayFocusd for Chrome and something similar for FF would be great.

BTW I don't want anything too cutesy. I've seen ones that show you a scary video or allow you to grow animated trees - not for me. I just want a sign saying that I'm out of quota for the day.

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If you're on a Mac, you can use SelfControl to block whatever domains you want for as long as you want at the OS level. (If not, hopefully a Windows/Linux user can suggest an analog!)
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Best answer: LeechBlock was ported by the same developer.
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LeechBlock is what I use on FF.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all of you. Being told that there was redevelopment of LeechBlock that worked on the new version of Firefox was just what I wanted to hear.
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