Searching for an obscure MLK photo
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Are you good at searching for historical images or searching Getty Images using non-obvious terms? I'm trying to find a high-quality copy of the photo on the left side of this image about Martin Luther King, which is just credited "" (and Getty bought Corbis). Here's another low-quality copy of it (my photo of the airport display where I first saw this photo, but I haven't found out yet who designed the display). Based on Bernice's apparent age here and her early-1963 birth, photo's date is probably 1966?
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Best answer: Are you okay with a color photo? This is what I did

- cropped to just the image from your first link
- searched on TinEye
- looked for only stock photos
- clicked the link, which was broken
- looked at the URL to get the title of the image
- Searched Getty for those words: king playing with daughters
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Best answer: Here's the black and white version.
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Response by poster: Brilliant, thanks so much!
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