So much lint on my wool coat!
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I have a lovely new black wool coat. It has a very soft hand and consequently takes souvenirs in the form of lint from just about every other fabric it encounters. It's driving me nuts.

I found this previous AskMe, but I've tried the things and they aren't working. I've tried Static Guard and Scotchguard without success. The dry cleaner told me not to waste my money (!). Lint rollers do only a moderate job because the wool is so soft.

Like the person in the previous AskMe, I'm just about to throw in the towel, take this one to Goodwill, and buy another coat. Unless, of course, the hive mind has a solution.
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Have you tried a lint brush instead of a sticky lint roller? I find that they are more effective on certain types of fabric.
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I've gotten better results with Lilly Brush than with the red-pad kind of lint brush, but a lint brush is more likely to help than a roller for this problem. The bristles catch more than just the surface lint, which is probably what you want here. Plus, no need for refills. I recommend a fine-toothed comb if you need to clean the lint brush and you can't get all the accumulated lint off with your fingers.
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I wear black, including a lovely soft wool coat, and I have a dog who sheds short white fur. I have a lint brush in every bathroom and my bedroom. Static Guard will also help a little with bits of white thread leaping on to the coat.
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I have a similar black wool coat and my solution is to brush it with an actual brush -- a hairbrush. A soft-ish, boar-bristle hairbrush. Like this one -- although I just got mine at Whole Foods. It works SO MUCH BETTER than a lint roller. I have to brush it every time I wear it, but it works.
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