How to extract just the cereal?
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Best practices for separating the remaining cereal from the dust that collects at the bottom of the bag?

You know how you hate it when you're pouring out that last bit, and forget to stop in time. The dusty bowl of breakfast cereal! How to avoid?
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Pour it into a wire mesh strainer?
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Take the plastic liner out of the box and use your hands.
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I always just pour it through my fingers over the sink.
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Use the Brazil nut effect to your advantage: shake gently, then scoop from top, either with hand or cereal scooping utensil such as large spoon or feed scoop.
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Oooh... that's the good stuff added to the milk!
Anyway, pour it in the bowl, scoop into a second bowl with a spoon, leave what you don't want... you sure you don't want it? Toss the excess and rinse the extra bowl.
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I just take the plastic bag out of the cereal box and reach my hand in, pulling out the cereal pieces gently and guiding them into the bowl. Unless it's Cascadian Farms Graham Crunch... that crumbly stuff at the bottom is all the cane sugar I'd been denied in all of the previous bowls and it is so delicious!
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Remove the bag from the box. Stab the bottom of the bag with a sharp knife a bunch of times. Grab the bag by the top while pretending you've just robbed a bank and are carrying out a sack with a giant dollar sign printed on it. Shake out the dust over the sink or trash can.
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You take the bag out, hold it with one bottom corner facing down and shake so all the dust goes in that corner. Then you squeeze off that corner and twist it up a bit and pour the rest of the cereal out.
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if i'm feeling frugal i cut a tiny hole in the bottom corner of the bag and let the dust dribble out but usually i just throw it all away like a capitalist pig
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The secret is to distribute it evenly through the lifetime of the box, so a bit clings to full sized pieces and flavours the milk. This is done by storing the box upside down, righting it only to pour into your bowl.
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I dump it through a colander; this works for all cereals I’ve tried it with. You can also do it with the dreaded Dusty Bowl of Cereal and pour the cereal from colander back into the bowl if you need to.
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Slotted spoon?
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When my mom used to eat Total every morning for most of my childhood, she would use a spider strainer to do this.
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If you are going to roll into a new box of the same type of cereal, I open the new box when there's still about a serving left in the old box and pour the old cereal on top of the new. Shake and the dust settles to the bottom of the new box, but you still get the old flakes (or whatever) first so you're not getting overly stale.
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I dump everything into a large wire mesh strainer and then shake it over the sink. It at least gets the dust, although it doesn’t get the tiny chunks out.
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I've now tested the colander down in the kitchen-laboratory and I'm happy with the result. That spider-strainer might even do a better job, I'll have to get one. A roommate had one of those years ago, but I never knew what they were called until now. Thanks for all the ideas!
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