Online options for buying nightguards
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I'm in need of a new nightguard after chewing through my old one and rather than paying my dentist's exorbitant price again, I was wondering if anyone has had success with one of those online companies that make it for you. Would love some recommendations if you have. Thanks!
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My wife lost the $300 nightguard her dentist made for her, and replaced it with a $10 boil-and-bite mouthguard from a sporting goods store. It's still working well for her five years later.
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Just got mine from these folks. It is pretty OK.
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I've used Proactive Labs (who appear to be defunct) and Sporting Smiles. Both are totally fine and are much thinner than the boil-and-bite kind, which kind of make me gag because they're bigger than the ones made from an impression of your teeth.
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My dentist said that nearly everyone should start with a drugstore mouth guard and only proceed to a custom made one if the cheap doesn't get the job done. He said this to me, a night grinder, and I've heard him give the same advice to a jaw-clenching Olympic weight lifter. So I'd give that a try in your shoes!
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I've been getting by on SleepRight no-boil drugstore night guards for years without a problem. I haven't chewed through one yet, and I usually replace them at much longer intervals than they recommend.
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Plackers night guards require no fitting and are disposable, comfortable and cheap. There’s a free* sample offer on the site.
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I have nothing but good things to say about Great customer service and great product.
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I bought a replacement night guard from J&L Dental Labs through Amazon. It was $129. It is not as nice as the $700 one my old dentist made me, but it was much much cheaper. No complaints so far!
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Seconding that Dentist said that if a drugstore one works for me, it's just as good as one she would make custom.

I've been very happy with my Smart Guard Night Guard.
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I chew through store-bought night guards in a matter of days to weeks. I did have one made by my dentist, and it lasted a few months (and it was stupid expensive). I took a gamble and bought one through J&S Dental Lab on Amazon in March 2016, and it's still going strong with virtually no signs of wear. For $129, I'm very happy.
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I don't know anything about those companies, but I was looking at Instamorph reviews recently and was surprised (edit: because I had no idea it would even be used for such a thing) to see a lot of praise for the product from people using it to make mouthguards and even fake teeth. It's pretty cheap if you want to go that route.
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