Building Ident: What/Where is this building?
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I would like to know the name, location, and purpose of this building (and whether it is extant). I acquired this photo in a large set. Most of the photos were from the Toledo, Ohio area, but I have no indication whether this is true for this particular photo or not. I would love a contemporary photo of this building in exchange for bonus internet points. This seems like a long shot, but you guys have done more with less. I scanned this photo myself. The back has no additional information.
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Reverse image search leads to the Waddell Ladies Home in Marion, Ohio. Amazing.
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And then a street view of the location as it looks now -
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Crazy. That's not only the correct building, but that's the exact same picture. They must have printed a bunch.

I didn't even think to do an image search, since I figured a scan of an original that I own wouldn't be online.
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Looks like it's now called the Marion Professional Building and is mainly office space.

Originally it was built by a Mr. Benjamin Waddell as "a home for genteel ladies of advanced age".
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