"He's a great guy." "Yeah...he is."
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In "romantic" movies, or even in regular movies, there is often the trope of Person A, telling Person B, that Person C is, "a great guy." A pause ensues, with Person B saying, warmly, something like "You know what? He really is." I am looking for examples of this type of formulation in any kind of movie.

My goal is to collect all of these examples, to hopefully make a supercut someday of all of these scenes (I find this trope hilarious). Hope me with some examples, please!
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Some variation of this happens at least a half-dozen times in The Room, typically in reference to Tommy Wiseau's character.
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Say Anything has a scene of his female friends discussing Lloyd at the big party that seems to fit the bill.
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I'd call the trope "delayed appreciation," but such a trope does not yet exist on TV Tropes for ease of cataloging (yet).
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Jules et Jim has a whole slew of these types of exchanges, including with tertiary characters confirming the greatness of the person(s). I mean, the premise of the film is that these two dudes are such great friends and they refuse to have a bitter competition over a woman, so she goes back and forth, kind of, and the dudes are really warm and generous and reasonable about it, and so is everyone else in the movie (except the woman in question).
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I'm pretty sure this is in 2-3 Meg Ryan films.
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