Comfortable Mens Business Casual Shoe
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I have worn this type of Rockport shoe for the last 20 years to work. I usually get a new pair every year or so. While they are reasonably comfortable I notice when I switch to my Nike tennis shoes they are so much more comfortable. Help me find a pair of shoes that will: 1. Be as comfortable or nearly as a tennis shoe. 2. Pass for business casual 3. Cost less than $100.00
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For dress shoes that are comfy, I love Clark's shoes. Their Oxfords prices on the website are higher than your price, but don't be fooled. You can find them onsale all the time at shoe stores and their own mall stores.
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Came into say Clarks. My husband often wears them instead of sneakers during long days wandering cities as a tourist, as they are more comfortable than any other shoes he owns.
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Head into your local DSW/Nordstrom Rack/etc and find a pair of Bostonian (Clarks) slip ons like this to try on. I've walked 20 miles in a day in these guys.
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They're more than $100, but these Ecco shoes are the most comfortable business causal shoes I've ever owned.
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I swear by Sandro Moscoloni for business casual and pretty much any non-casual, too.
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Seconding Ecco. They give outstanding support. They’re what I wear when I travel and will be on my feet all day. You can find them under $100 on sites like
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Agreeing with monbrarian, if your budget is at all flexible, you'd probably like Ecco. (I think the Rockport-to-Ecco graduation path is pretty common.)
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I am usually able to find these Clarks for $120-ish, and they are SO comfortable.
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I recently bought a pair of Clark's for about $100. They're not quite as comfortable as running shoes, but they're pretty good for "business casual." They're good for about 5 miles/day walking before they get uncomfortable (I'm usually good for 10 miles/day in running shoes).
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Speaking of shoes on sale, Ross and other discount outlets have cheap to decent shoes at a discount quite often, though it's a crapshoot as to what you'll find, especially if you need something bigger than size 10. Also, beware of falling into the Sam Vimes Boots theory of socio-economic unfairness -- you should probably skip the $17 pair of shoes.
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Keene makes some stuff you can find it on sale at REI at times.
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Definitely Ecco. The ratty ass pair I'm wearing now is over 10 years old and I wear them every day. The nicer ones I wear for work and such are equally old and still look nice and still give great support.

The pair of Track II low top boots I had were nice enough for (my) work and managed to last 5+ years being worn constantly, including on long hikes over fields of rocks. They also sell wingtips and athletic shoes if that's more your need. Those and the Track II are probably over your budget, though, being around $150-160 online and $200 in most retail shops.

They do have a lot of good stuff in the $80-$120 range. If you're in a part of the country where Dillard's is a thing, they used to be my go-to source since they were the only national retailer I knew to carry a decent selection. When a nice sale would roll around they'd be cheaper than buying online, plus they are willing to haggle if you're buying a bunch of stuff. ;)
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(the wingtips and the boots are probably out of your price range, athletic shoes and some of the more casual but still work appropriate models are $120 or less)
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Thanks for all the suggestions. It looks like I'll have to find some Eccos and Clarks to try on.
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I was so happy this question was posted because I really need some comfortable work shoes. I just got the ECCO FUSION II TIE shipped in my size, and I can't even get my foot in to the toe box. The shoe is exactly the same length as my other shoes, so I must have some big-ol' clown feet or these shoes run super small/narrow.
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