Please help me identify a plant.
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Does anyone know what this plant is? My husband is moving to a new office building soon, and plants will not be allowed there, for some reason. He asked me if he could bring this plant home. We have a kitty, though, so I want to identify the plant first and check whether it is toxic to cats. H does not know what plant this is, and neither do I.

The photo album has two photos of the plant, plus a bonus one of our kitty Naya.

Any help ID'ing this plant will be much appreciated!
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I think that looks like a type of wandering Jew, and the internet says the sap in the stems irritates cats, but not the leaves.
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Agree w glitter above. Also known as purple queen. We have tons of it and the cars aren't interested.
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Tradescantia pallida, my cat ignores it and all other tradescantias. Most plants are irritating to cats if eaten but I would not hesitate to bring this one home unless (UNLESS!) your cat is a known obsessive plant chewer.
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Tradescantia for sure, it’s the spiderwort family, and I for one find ‘spiderwort’ much more fun to say than ‘wandering Jew’, which to me at least feels increasingly icky, even though it’s not all that bad and Jewish people have told me it doesn’t bother them personally.

Won’t be a big problem for cats is my guess, will be ignored unless the cat is a known plant devourer.
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Response by poster: Thank you MeFites! Looks as if that plant is coming home!
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