Diagrams of the Interior of the Mobile Launcher Platform?
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Looking for books, websites or other resources that will offer visual reference for the interior of the NASA mobile launcher platform, before or after refurbishment.

We're in the final stretch of drawing a graphic novel about human spaceflight, but this has proven to be a major wrinkle in my research. I've been inside of it personally but it was years ago and my photos aren't amazing, and the handful of youtube videos I've found aren't much better. What I REALLY would love are blueprints, diagrams, crossections, anything that I can give to my artist to use as reference.

I live in NYC and could probably get my hands on basically any book through the library system, if you have one to suggest. I'll go down to DC and visit the NASA archives if absolutely necessary but I'd rather not for any number of reasons.

Thank you for any help you can offer!
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Thank you!

My main issue is that while there are some diagrams of the interior of the crawler that I’ve managed to find, detailed info and diagrams of the interior of the MLP specifically has so far been impossible to track down.

I’ll poke at these links and see if I can shake anything loose!
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