Please help me identify this school play
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I'm trying to remember an elementary school play, circa 1980. I’ve thought about it over the years and would love to locate any info on it.

I don't remember the play's name, but the basic plot was about a school boy named Marty(?) who had a habit of daydreaming in class. The stage setting was in a classroom with 5 or 6 other students and a teacher. Marty’s daydreaming scenes were acted out by other students.

My memory is vague on a couple of comedic scenes. While teaching a lesson about US States, the teacher would catch Marty daydreaming. Marty (or the students) would use word play or puns in describing a few of the States’ names.

Can anyone help me identify or find this school play? Thanks
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This Is A Test by Stephen Gregg?
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Some productions on YouTube.
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Response by poster: That one is similar in nature, but I remember it relating more to younger students; 8-12 year olds. Idaho and Mississippi were two States mentioned in the play. Most likely one act.

A couple of those clips were a hoot; thanks, Pallas Athena.
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