Easy VHS -> MacOS capture?
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Hola ya'll, I'm turning 34 soon which means that I am suddenly grasping for my youth. As part of that, I'm trying to get my Dad to digitize all of the old family VHS tapes. I know that it may already be too late , but figured we could at least give it a shot and that it'd a fun father/son thing to do. To that end, I'm seeking the simplest VHS to MacOS capture tool. It looks like there are a lot of dodgy RCA -> USB plugs available on Amazon with a wide spread on the reviews. I'd be happy to pony up a little extra to get something that's a little more reliable, but I don't know what that is.
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I used this Elgato converter dongle thingy on all of my VHS tapes straight into my Mac earlier this year, and it worked great!
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Seconded. (when I follow mimi's link, Amazon tells me "You purchased this item on October 2, 2010", and it worked great!)

I don't think I have ever actually watched any of the ripped videos (except the original SW trilogy), but it did grant some peace of mind to allow me to toss old VHS tapes.
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thirding the same device.
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