Happy Adoption Day! Small ways to celebrate with just immediate family.
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Sometime soon, our adoption of our baby girl will become final. We do not want a large celebration with a bunch of extended family or anything, but would like a little something for just my husband, son, baby girl and I.

We will be traveling to central Florida (Tampa) for several days for the court hearing where the adoption becomes official in the court of law. The actual hearing is short and sweet. We plan on dressing up nicely, and asking the lawyer to take some pictures for us. It will just be my husband, my 6 year old son, our baby girl (who will be 4/5 months old at the time) and I.

This is something we hold near and dear to our hearts, but we have felt like she was ours from the minute she was born... which she has been. The hearing is a nice stamp of approval. My husband and I are both not fans of parties or large celebrations at all - so I don't want anything like that.

I'm open to suggestions of small things I could do to commemorate this day with my small family. Ideas in the Tampa/Central Fl area would be great (except anything Disney related - I am NOT a fan and we won't be in the area that long or have that kind of cash.)

Thank you in advance!
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I think hiring a professional photographer for an hour of fun candid shots would be worthwhile. Have cake, eat ice cream, photos of your hands together, feet in the sand, everyone at a park.....document the day with fun and images that will last a lifetime. Plus,you'll get a great image for any announcements or thank you cards that you might want to send out.

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This is something I'm doing for my kids but it would work just as well for you. Get a hardback copy of the classic Dr Suess book, Oh The Places You'll Go. Ask the judge/lawyer who confirms her adoption to fill out the first page with his best wishes and hopes for her future life. Every year thereafter at kindergarten, right through school get her teacher from that current age to fill in a page at the end of school. Give it to her when she finally graduates.

Also, I would go out for pancakes as a family every year on that date. (But that's just me because we love pancakes and it's something you can do no matter where you end up living as a family tradition.)
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Yes, speaking as a grandparent, the photographer.
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If you haven't done something already along these lines, what about celebrating your son becoming an official, legal big brother? Maybe make him a certificate of brotherhood, my mom did this for me with both younger siblings, she drew them by hand because it was the 70s but you could do it easily on the computer. Maybe you could even find a way to present while you are still in court.
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hi, I am an adult, midlife, domestic adoptee. i can't tell from your post if your adoption is domestic or international, infant or post-fostering, and that's fine. my adoption was closed, and about ten years ago i began working on opening it, and I am glad I did.

if i could give myself things from my adoption day that i wished I had ten years ago, they would include:

open adoption information, including continued post-adoption contact
the right to access my original birth certificate
pictures of my birth family
documented dual citizenship, should I have proved to be an international adoptee

my relationship with my adoptive parents is great; they are my parents, my mom and dad. but it would have saved us a ton if work, if not pain, to have incorporated the above into my life from day one. I have always known I am adopted; I feel no shame over it nor am I shy of discussing it.

I suspect these suggestions may not be quite what you were looking for; despite that I hope that you will consider them. They are offerred in a sincere spirit of congratulations, assistance, and well wishes. Cherish your child. Act in their interest even when it feels as if doing so challenges your own.
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Some adoptive families celebrate the Birth Day and the Adoption/ Family Day. I like that.
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Response by poster: @mwhybark Our adoption is semi-closed, which means I know the mothers information which means I also know her situation. She does NOT want to be contacted. I have this info and will give to our child when she is an adult so that she can make that decision but I have to protect my child. I know not all birth parent situations are negative, but in this case, it is.
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