My old Chromebook wound up at Goodwill by mistake. What now?
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Confusion while moving meant that an old Chromebook of mine that broke mid-use is now (probably irretrievably) donated to a thrift store. Though it was broken I am still a little concerned someone might be able to retrieve sensitive information off it.

I changed my passwords and started 2-factor authentication with my bank, Amazon, Paypal, Gmail, Ebay, Etsy and Facebook. What else should I do?
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Hopefully my previous question will help set your mind at ease.
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AFAIK electronic donations that don't work get recycled not sold at goodwill, so it's not long for this world.
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Your chromebook is an encrypted black box. Getting data off it without the password will be as hard as getting data off an iphone 7 without the password. (Unless you've done anything unusual like put it in developer mode).
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