Cheap and/or safe way to sell Bitcoins and transfer to GBP bank account?
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Can anyone suggest a cheap and/or safe way to sell Bitcoins and transfer to British / GBP bank account? Things seem to change so quickly in this area - Bitwala offer such a service, but the charges seem high. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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I find Coinbase and Revolut to be pretty good. So: sell BTC on Coinbase for EUR, deposit EUR into Revolut, then instantly turn into GBP.
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(Free to sign up for both services, FYI. I think Coinbase charge a small fee on the sell and withdrawal.)
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GDAX is run by Coinbase, has the same currency pairs (e.g. BTC/EUR), and charges no fees to market makers (and much smaller fees to market takers) so if you consider using Coinbase but don't like the fees then also consider going straight through GDAX instead.

(No, I don't really understand why they are separate products -- some kind of weird market segmentation thing.)
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