Please help me identify this artist
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I'm looking to identify the artist who made this cow.

It was hanging at a café in Ottawa. The employee I spoke to there said she is often asked but does not know. She said the management has told her that they have no idea where it's from.

It would be great to identify the artist who produced this piece, but I would also be interested in others who make similar things, particularly if it would be easy-ish to acquire their art in Canada. (I'm in Montreal.) What appeals to me about the cow is the impasto, the little bits of other media incorporated into it, and the simple subject matter.
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I ran the picture through reverse Google Image search and there are a lot of hits. It's basically from a catalog of art reproductions.
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Alrighty then.
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It may not be possible to find the original artist. There are whole villages in Asia devoted to hand painting reproduction art - from Van Goghs to contemporary art. It's kind of fascinating.
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Understood. This piece was an interesting read on the topic.
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That is really cool! I had no idea. Thanks for the link.
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Another thank you! The article was really interesting.
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