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Trying to figure out the ramifications and best order of steps to convert my personal/individual page to a public/business one.

I set up a personal page and am now wanting to convert it to a business page. I have an online presence for my professional work which is in a field where client confidentiality is taken very seriously. So while I don't exactly distrust facebook's privacy settings, I kinda don't. I can feel hesitant to post my thoughts -- which are relatively innocuous, but things I wouldn't typically share with clients.

I'd like to convert this page/profile to a business-type page, where my friends would be switched over to followers, should they decide to stay connected with that page.

I created a separate email and personal page under a slightly different name for my personal use. It probably wouldn't stop a really dedicated and knowledgeable doxer, but I'm not vain enough to think I'm that interesting or it's worth the trouble, but it would give me a little more peace of mind.

So, my three big questions are...

1) How do I give my friends a head's up and explain I'm switching the full legal name page to align more with my professional online presence, and invite them to stay connected as a way to support my work?

2) How do I ask them to friend my new page when they probably won't recognize my nickname? Some of them I don't see much in person or have email addresses for. I've tried sending a message describing how we know each other, but that has had mixed success. People are cautious given online scams.

3) Is there anything else relevant I'm overlooking, or haven't considered?

I did find two previous posts; both are over 6 years old though, and on slightly different questions: and

Please feel free to comment on any aspect of this situation that you think would be helpful to me.
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facebook .... in a field where client confidentiality is taken very seriously.

Choose one.
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Response by poster: I've considered that and am not willing to curtail my being in the world and personal relationships to that degree. It's really more for my privacy as I won't be interacting with clients. I'm looking for thoughts/suggestions on how to best move forward with the plan I've decided on and outlined above. Thanks
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