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Looking for a MP3 recommendation for my father (iPod Touch replacement)

My father has an old iPod Touch that is starting to give him some issues (battery life is horrible) and I'd like to get him a replacement.

I was thinking about getting himm another Touch, but I think its overkill. He is in his 70s and ONLY uses it to listen to music in the car and walking. He has an iPad that he uses for email, web browsing, FaceTime, Netflix, etc, and has no need to use that on a portable device.

Therefore, I am looking for an MP3 player (just to play music) for him. Ideally, it would be large (so he can read the songs, etc), but I know a display screen size might be too much to ask. Likewise, Bluetooth would be awesome, but not required.

Any suggestions for a budget MP3 player replacement that i can order from Amazon (Canada)?

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This Sandisk Clip Sport has a 1.44 inch screen - which seems small. However, looking at the dimensions of the whole device, it is about a third of the size of an iPod touch (Clip is 1.3 x 2.6 vs. iPod's 2.3 x 4.8) and the screen takes up about 2/3 of the device, so it might not be too bad. It has 8 GB onboard and slot for an SD card of up to 32GB and some reviews say it will handle bigger cards.
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The version that I linked to does not have Bluetooth, but there is a model that has it.
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I like Cowon players. No bluetooth though. I like them because they sound great, adding files is a simple drag and drop operation, and they last for years.
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Like soleo, I thought of a Sansa first. But those damn Sansa players have a habit of scrambling the tracks, though, and playing an album's songs in random order. Also, the displays are pretty small, but you would know better if that's an issue.

I bought a Sansa Slip Sport (I think) to replace a long-treasured iPod Classic, because I neeeeded to have music with me, so I popped in a micro SD card full of music and he results were higgely-piggeldy. I am very frustrated, and haven't yet found a good solution. I believe that software other than iTunes will edit the MPs files' internal tags, which will then play in order on the Sans, whereas iTunes only edits its own database...but it looks like VLC Player might do this, so maybe my problem is solved?

But the screen size is still a thing -- and the buttons are small, too.
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Is an iPod nano too small? I use one regularly just for music and podcasts and it does that quite well.
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Seconding Sansa clip sport. I'm on my 5th one, but not because they don't last. One fell in the coffee, one got run over, one got lost, etc. I've only had one die on it's own, and it lasted 3 years. Never had an mp3 player in a higher price range, so I can't say how it compares to those, but they are best of the cheap ones I've tried.
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