Simple walking game apps for Android?
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I walk a lot, including to and from work, and I want to gamify it. I'm looking for something pretty basic that will track how far I go, and allow me to unlock achievements or goals as I reach certain milestones.

I downloaded Walkr, which seems super cool, but is also way more complex than what I am looking for. I also love listening to podcasts while I walk, and don't want to give that up. So Zombies, Run or other games that have an audio component are out. I don't currently have a pedometer, but would be willing to buy a cheap one if it was necessary. Does anything out there like this exist?
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Pokemon GO has a big walking component to it. It will pause your podcast player when it starts, but you can disable music and you just have to manually restart podcast playback and everything works fine.
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Strongly recommend The Walk. It's kind of like a mix between a game and an exercise tracking app and a radio play.

It's made by the same people who made the fantastic "Zombies, Run!" game.
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I like Charity Miles as it adds up how much you walk and gives money to a charity you pick. You can also make teams.

I like how it prompts you to take a picture of your way which is holds in your profile history.

Not much to it, but I like it.
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Adding to my previous comment: you say you don't want to give up your podcasts but I'm not sure you'd need to in order to use this. They allow people to use custom music playlists, and the audio component of the app is only a few minutes here and there. When the audio component of the app engages, it either pauses or lowers the volume of the music. It may well work the same with podcasts, if you set it up right.

Failing that, Endomondo is the other thing I've used to track walks in the past.
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