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What's the latheriest, sudsiest, most overwhelmingly foamy shower gel/soap product that Lush sells? (Not interested in bath bomb/etc products.)
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I like the Argan oil solid shampoo. Very sudsy
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The Olive Branch shower gel is, itself, quite thin, but it lathers into a very rich foam (it's like 1/8th olive oil so the foam isn't tall like a bubble bath foam but the lather itself feels like velvet--if you're looking for an actual bubble bath that makes like two foot tall foam this might not be what you're looking for).

Outside of Lush, the Everyday Shea bubble bath (not the "babies-and-up" version) makes the tallest foam mountains I've ever seen in the tub. That said, the stuff doesn't necessarily feel like anything but soap on the skin, and I always have to rinse off a bit after using it. It doesn't have the same rich feeling on the skin that the Olive Branch stuff offers.
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Snow Fairy is *very* bubbly but the scent is definitely not for everyone.
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OK, I used to work at Lush and currently have a LOT of Lush in my bathroom, so I did a little test last night between a bunch of different shower gels. Twilight was even more bubbly than Snow Fairy. Both of those are winter-only, though, so if you want one, get it now.

Twilight is a lovely lavender that is very sweet instead of more masculine. I am not a huge lavender fan, but I love Twilight.
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Oh, and the opaque ones sold as "shower creams" still lather really well -- I have Lord of Misrule, Yuzu and Cocoa, and Santa's whatever. All very nice.
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