When in Rome play like the Romans.
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My friend is an experienced guitar (and piano) player who had a great experience once when he visited São Paulo. When he was there he found a professional piano player to give him a couple of private lessons in bossa nove. (He started on piano, and then brought his guitar to another lesson.) He learned a lot! Now he’s going to Rome with his guitar.

How might my friend go about finding a good local musician in Rome to have a similar local music learning experience. What kinds of music would be good to look for in Rome. Or maybe you know someone? The person he finds would need to be able to teach at least somewhat in English.
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I would suggest joining a Facebook group such as Expats living in Rome and/or Expats in Italy (Moderated group). He can explain what he's looking for and will very likely have several answers within a day or so. I monitor these (for work) and see a constant flow of enquiries of this kind (not specifically his, but similar concepts) and the response rate is encouragingly high.
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