Looking for things to do this week in Philadelphia
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I'm in the Philadelphia area (from Northern California) through this Friday night for work, and I am looking for things to do at night.

I'm into concerts (rock, punk, folk, metal), open mic nights, stand up comedy, beer, art galleries, Burning Man, escape rooms, performance art (especially modern dance), and other things that are fun and interesting. I'm not super into food, unless there is something that can't be missed. Probably do the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Wednesday as it's open late. I will be alone, so things that can be done alone are preferable. Also somewhere I could get some really interesting Christmas presents for my 7 year old daughter would be great. I have looked at some older questions but they are either outdated or primarily focused on things to do during the day.

Demographics: 36, cis-male, not particularly extroverted.
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Evil Genius brewery has a free burlesque night this Tuesday 8-10, i am planning on being there. See their facebook for details. Its easily accessible off the berks stop on the market frankford line.

Love park has the christmas market, and theres a different one at dillworth plaza (city hall). Im not sure on the hours.
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I am a nerd who likes the Philadelphia tourism site UWISHUNU, even though it's horribly named. They've got a post for this coming week, and it's heavy on holiday events, but there's some of what you're looking for in there too.
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If you can, try to get a ticket to see a show at The Walnut Street Theatre. It's the oldest theater in the United States, the State Theater of Pennsylvania, and the longest continually operating theater in the western world. They do original productions, and they're as good as you can expect to see on Broadway.

Disclaimer: I worked for the Walnut for seven years back when I lived in Philly, though I moved away five years ago.

Also worth checking out if you're interested in music: World Cafe Life has shows many nights, both upstairs in their bar area, and downstairs in their main room. It's reasonably priced, too.

Off the beaten path, if you take the 34 Trolley out to 49th Street and Baltimore Avenue, you can get interesting, locally made gifts at VIX Emporium. While you're out there, grab a beer from Dock Street Brewery. West Philadelphia is also home to a number of nice restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. My favorite bar is Fiume, a little hole-in-the-wall at 45th and Locust, above the Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant. Thursday is Bluegrass Night there!
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Response by poster: It's looking like burlesque tomorrow night, art museum Wednesday night, and bluegrass Thursday night. I just need to find something for Friday. Thanks for the suggestions so far!
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Check out Johnny Brenda's for both beer and music, and Monk's for beer.
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Walk up to a Cheesesteak place and say the magic words "one provolone without" and they'll place something delicious in front of you.
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This is what I would go to on Friday if I could stay up until 10pm....
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Friday there's a dance show by Ronald K Brown/Evidence, if you're into afro-contemporary.
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There is a pop-up market on the Parkway on Friday. Also a cabaret at Fringe Arts.
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Talez: No, no, no, no. "One provolone with" is the correct order.

(Though, really, as long as you're not
a) getting whiz
b) ordering from Pat's, Geno's, or Jim's
you're ok.)
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