Temporary workaround to get Silverlight working on a Mac?
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I have a Macbook Air that has the latest OS. I'm trying to run silverlight on my computer, but cannot get it to work in any browser. I've heard that silverlight simply isn't working for the latest Mac OS--is that the case?

I've tried everything--installing, reinstalling, etc. Every browser it is the same problem. Says that silverlight isn't installed correctly/not recognized or the video just fails to load. I've tried Safari, Chrome, and the new Firefox.

I need it basically to scrape audiovisual data from the web--but I can't get the videos to load. Any other workarounds? Thanks!
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This worked for me:

Silverlight on Mac no longer supports accessing the local filesystem

Silverlight on High Sierra will not allow you to access your folders in the advanced editor, therefore you can not select video content.

1. Under Safari, select Preferences.

2. Once the preferences tab is open, select Websites.

3. On the left-hand side under plugins, select Silverlight.

4. In the right-hand window, you will see your website. Before clicking the drop-down to the right of your website, hold down option.

5. Once holding down option, click the drop-down menu. You should see "Run in Safe Mode", this will only show up if you are holding down option while you click the drop-down menu.

6. Uncheck "Run in safe mode" and you will now be able to access the file system through Silverlight in High Sierra.
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Response by poster: Thanks! But to no avail :(
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I’m on my phone but Firefox maintains a legacy build (Extended Support Release v 52) that supports Silverlight until early 2018, I use it for some old reporting services. Try this link
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Can you link us to what you are trying to watch?
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Response by poster: Something like this. Thanks.
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