A book about oligarchs or billionaires?
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I can't remember the title of a book - please can you help me identify it? I think it's by a male author (American?) and he identifies by name the billionaires (or oligarchs, or powerful...) who run the world. I think the Kochs and Richard Branson get a mention.

I think the author is critical of these people.

I don't think it was published in 2017 - it may be a few years old.

Any suggestions much appreciated. Thank you.
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Is it Dark Money?
posted by Wobbuffet at 8:20 AM on December 11, 2017

No - it's not Dark Money. The book title I'm trying to remember is perhaps by a left-wing male academic(?) - must have been published before Dark Money. It's a wider view of the impact that these billionaires are having. May include a list of the billionares / oligarchs. Thank you.
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Found it, thank you Wobbuffet.

It's Superclass.
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Is "The Merchant Bankers" by Joseph Wechsberg, first published in 1966, still useful?
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Came in to suggest Red Notice by Bill Browder. I'm adding Superclass to my reading list.
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