I hate my cellphone; I need a lockbox.
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I basically need to change my habits and relationship to my cellphone. I spend too much time checking in on it (legitimately for work, stupidly for facebook and the internet) and it is messing me up, my relationship to my family, my sense of self.

I want to get a metal box that could fit a phone (or two), looks nice, and could be installed on the wall. I don't want it to lock, but it would be nice if it could have a clasp or some kind of physical check to keep me from opening it easily. I want to be able to see into it so I can know my phone is in its cage and not lost.
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You need one of those things that covers a thermostat! Just leave the key in it. Cell phone jail. Relatedly: I've found that burying some of my "fun" apps in folders increases a level of friction that can slow me down and think "Is this click really necessary?" which also might help.
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I like jessamyn's idea best, but to throw out another option, you could get a hinged fire alarm guard or something else from the American Wire Guards site. You'd probably have to install it upside down because your phone will not actually be mounted to the wall like a fire alarm is.

Or build or modify a small wooden box and put a screen door on it.

The "looks nice" trips me up because I think that fire alarm guard looks great, but it's probably ugly, isn't it?
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Keep in mind that a metal box is probably a great Faraday cage, that will stop your phone from getting any signal. A phone that isn't getting signal will keep searching and will burn through its battery a lot faster.
To avoid this, make your lockbox from wood, not metal.
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Glass or plastic would work, too. Just not metal.
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Here is an example of a box that might work. Add a small latch, and you're done.
This one already has one. Be sure to check the size.

There's lots more where these came from; search for jewelry or watch cases / boxes. Adding words like wood and glass helps.
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putting your phone in airplane mode before it goes into a metal box jail should prevent battery problems.
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I’d probably get an unconspicious wall shelf with drawer and add a babyproofing lock. These are pretty annoying to open and you need both hands.
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I'd use a wooden box for this. I have a wood island for my kitchen I got from Ikea and I have modded it by added a paper towel roll, various hooks, a guide for my cutting board, etc. I've done the same with my wooden desk, I added hooks, a little place holder for my remote, etc. All you need is some screws. I would consider maybe finding a spot where you can install this. (But I think your best bet is actually just removing the Facebook app from your phone.)
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