Japanese cover of "Whiskey in the Jar"
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I used to have an mp3 of a female Japanese singer performing "Whiskey in the Jar," with lyrics in Japanese. I think I looked her up once and she turned out to be a folk singer, but I wouldn't swear to that. Somehow I've lost this mp3, and googling for it isn't getting me anywhere. Can you help me find any information about the song or where to buy it?

It's not anything from the (very enjoyable) album Fairy Dance - Kokia Meets Ireland by Kokia. Solo female singer, not a pop-style voice. Some part of her name may start with a Y, but a) I'm not 100% on that at all, and b) it's not like that really narrows things down.

Not only am I dying to have the song again, I'd also love to find more by the artist. All leads appreciated!
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Was it maybe Akiko Yano, Sake In The Jar, on the album Tears of Stone with the Chieftans?
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YES. No wonder I couldn't find it. Thank you!!!
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