Message "Windows is not responding" and computer freezes?
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I often get the message "Windows is not responding..Wait or cancel", and my computer freezes.

I use Windows 10 and browsers Chrome and Firefox. I suspect Firefox may be the problem, but I'm not sure how to proceed? Also, I have two external hard drives with about 1T capacity storage each. Could they be the problem? They are each about half full. On my computer C drive I have plenty of free space.

For a while I kept "task manager" open and would close Firefox. That did help but now it doesn't help so much anymore.

Happy Holidays and thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Best answer: Some random thoughts:

1. Check the eventlog (application and system) for any errors logged around the time of the problem. It may give you a better idea of what's failing.

2. Check task manager to confirm you're not maxing out RAM or CPU. It could be a program eating up all of your resources. Check resources with nothing open, then every so often as you run.

3. If you suspect Firefox is the issue, try removing plugins or running in safe mode to confirm if that might be the cause.

4. Run chkdsk to check for hard drive errors. Those can cause random looking hangups.

5. Try running the Microsoft System File Checker to looks for problems with the files Windoes needs to run.

6. Check for Viruses or malware.
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Reboot daily. Event viewer. Do a full anti-virus scan. The recent Firefox update made big changes to how Firefox uses memory, so make sure it's up to date.

I don't think the drives are an issue.
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Sometimes the hang is hardware related -- I/O to something (network, diskdrive, or bluetooth).

I had a stupid bluetooth wireless mouse that went on the fritz. Computer wouldn't freeze, but sluggish and jumpy and non-responsive. Once I took the mouse out, it got better. So maybe start with leaving those 1tb USB drives unplugged and see what happens, or if you've got wireless mouse/keyboard, go to a usb wired version. etc
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