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I'd like an easy/quick way to make a webapp which gets some input from the user in the form of A/B/C answers to questions and then generates a PDF with several sections of text depending on those answers. It should look at least semi-professional, so no free poll websites. What should I use?

(Assume technical proficiency in websites, hosting, Python, HTML, jQuery, VueJS, but lack of enthusiasm to devote much time to using those.)
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Best answer: If the number of possible permutations is small enough, I'd personally just pre-generate the PDFs, throw them in a CDN, and use client-side JS to point the user to the right version once they've completed the questions.
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My proficiency is in php which has third party libraries that can programmatically generate pdfs. I have to imagine there is a similar thing for python if python does not have such a thing bundled in by default.
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here's one
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