What's made out of crystal and/or leather?
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I'd like to find something for a third wedding anniversary that's at least somewhat thoughtful/sentimental but I'm at a loss. Previously, I've done something thoughtful and personalized but crystal and leather seem both excessive and too functional. (I'm also a non-leather-consuming vegetarian, but would consider something for the spouse if it was really functional and durable). Activity-related things are also good--is there a leather opera or crystal massage that I'm not thinking of? I've seen this but none of the answers are hitting the mark for me.
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Leather-bound book
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Saddles are made of leather, so how about some horseback riding? Some formal gardens have crystal gazing globes, so maybe a trip to a stately home or botanical garden?
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I don't have a suggestion for you, but each year, MeFi's own, just this guy, y'know, has sought out ideas for his anniversary. Here is his ask for the leather anniversary. You might find something that strikes a chord with you.

And even better, he's got a couple years on you, so you're set for a few more anniversaries!

Happy anniversary!
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If opera isn't a foo-type fill-in here, and you both like opera, anything with libretti by Lorenzo Da Ponte could be a fun choice. (He was the son of a leather-worker who joined the priesthood, left it in disgrace, and then went on to write The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni, appropriately enough).

Or, if you both like scents, what about a delicious scent with a leather note for each of you to wear on a delightful date, perhaps to a crystal-gazer to have your fortunes read, or a bar/arcade to play some Crystal Castles? (Many scents with leather notes are vegan.)
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Does/would your spouse use a notebook? You can get nice leather covers for notebooks for non-absurd amounts of money.
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Is there a cave with prominent crystals within an overnight trip for you? That might be a fun experience gift.
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I'm not sure what you mean by excessive but why not a lovely Swarovski crystal charm bracelet? It looks like there are some for under $100 on their site and you might be able to find less expensive on ebay.
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The glass that covers a watch face is called the crystal, so I'm gonna recommend two-birds-with-one-stone a Citizen Eco-Drive with a leather band. Doesn't need batteries, and there's a ton of models with varying functionality. They're good watches and often reasonably priced.
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A Leatherman multi tool of course :)
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Make it a couples' project to learn how to perform the songs "Leather and Lace" and "Crystal Blue Persuasion".
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For our third, I got my husband a leather passport case for his nonexistent passport, and we took a trip together (after he acquired said passport). He got me a glass cup etched with Tea. Earl Greg. Hot.
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Do you want a useful gift that would last as a keepsake, or would something that would be used up be ok?

What about crystal shaped soap? Here is a video tutorial for making some, and here is a shop on etsy that sells it.

If your partner enjoys coffee or tea, maybe some rock candy stirrers (crystals of sugar) paired with a nice teapot or coffeemaker.

Or if your partner enjoys cooking, perhaps this Himalayan salt plate & holder set or some other type of fancy salt (crystals of NaCl) paired with a cooking accessory?
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I think that the tradition refers to the glass type of crystal, but I did think of a salt lamp as a potential gift, if you like that sort of look.
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J.W. Hulme makes practical leather goods with free monogramming, for the personal angle. (They are monstrously expensive for my budget, but maybe yours is bigger!) They have been manufacturing in canvas and leather in the U.S. for a hundred years.
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For crystal: stargazing or a trip to the planetarium
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Trip to an excessively classy bar that will serve you cocktails or whisky in crystal glasses? If you’re in the SF Bay Area, I recommend Cold Drinks Bar, their glassware game is on point.
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I bought my wife a crystal Lalique pendant on a leather thong for our 15th (crystal) wedding anniversary.
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