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I am looking for a specific type of picture frame and lack the language to successfully google it. Help!

It is essentially two wooden pieces that securely attach via a clamping mechanism or magnets to the top and bottom of a piece of art (or fabric, or whatever), so that you can hang it on your wall from the top piece. What is this thing called, so I can buy some online? (I want to hang some vintage tea towels without damaging them by stretching them over a canvas.)
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Poster hanger.
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We called it a tapestry hanger, quilt hanger, or scroll hanger, or clip frame. You can build your own by going to the hardware store and buying four pieces of half round, some wing nuts and bolts (or just clamp by tying with string) and some eye bolts or some other way to attach to a wall. If you have a drill, it is trivially easy to put together.

Note that hanging your tea towels without UV protection will cause them to irreperably fade over time /ex-framer
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