Which edition of the book Heidi is best?
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There are numerous editions of Heidi, and on Amazon it looks like the reviews for all the different editions are pooled together. Which translation/edition have people been the most happy with? Any editions to avoid? I am looking for either hardcover or paperback.
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I just bought this one as a part of a set. It has unique and great ratings.
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Here's an article about the translations of Heidi from 2010. May be a bit academic, but if you go to the "In this article" section on the left, you can scroll down and click on "Editions Currently In Print". From reading the article, I suspect the one I read as a kid was Edwardes' translation. I remember the language as a bit archaic but that did not bother me. Note that the original unabridged versions have some overt Christian content, particularly related to Peter's devout grandmother, that some of the abridged ones often soften or leave out, so keep that in mind, depending on what you are looking for.
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