Starting a women's networking group--what do we need to know?
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A few friends and I would like to set up a professional networking group for women in our particular male-dominated policy area. We want to create a safe space that is as welcoming to all women. Initial plans are to start out with a Facebook group and follow up with some networking events, first in the city where we founders live, and then, hopefully, in members' cities. Have you ever set up such a group, and if so, how did you go about it, what worked best, and what do you wish you had done differently?
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I was a founding member of a similar-sounding group in my city and industry. I wish we had taken the time to meet with founding teams of existing groups in our city and joined forces, instead of starting a new, competing group. YMMV, of course, but if you haven't researched or talked to extant groups, I'd start with that.
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Be explicit from the get-go as to your policy re trans women and nb folk so everyone can manage their expectations.
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