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What is the number that shows up on the browser tab for YouTube?

A lot of websites (including Metafilter) put the number of new comments in the browser tab title. I'm used to that convention. It makes sense to me. YouTube, for some time now, has put some kind of seemingly randomly incrementing number in that spot, but it doesn't seem to be related to anything.

When I first open a tab, it's not there, and then almost immediately changes to (1) no matter what. The longer I leave the tab open, the higher the number gets. For example, I have a tab that's been open about 30 minutes just to test it: (12) The B-52's - Private Idaho - 11/7/1980 - Capitol Theatre (Official). The most recent comment (I know, don't read the comments) says "1 month ago".

I'm using Safari version 11.0.1. Sorry this is such an inconsequential issue, but it's been driving me nuts.
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Best answer: Do you have any notifications from Google? They'd be up in the top right corner, on the bell icon.
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Response by poster: Aha! That's what it is. I just checked, and yes, 12 new notifications, and the tab number went away after I checked them. Still, it's weird that it always goes to 1 at first and then counts up.
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Thank you to ctmf for asking this question and sagc for answering. I have had the same question for a while.
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