Help me replace a lost sweater?
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I’m looking to replace a sweater I lost. It’s dark blue, crop length, long sleeved, with white abstract angular shapes all over it. The white shapes reminded me of silhouettes of origami. I got it second hand and don’t think it had a tag on it. Any leads?
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Can you take a guess as to what it was it made of? What was the neckline (like...v-neck, turtleneck, crew, etc.). Was it a pullover or did it have a zipper or button or anything? Was it a man's or a woman's sweater? Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to narrow down for googling.
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Response by poster: It was knit but probably synthetic. Neckline was crew. It was a women’s pullover (no buttons/zippers/misc adornments)
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A simple "womens' navy geometric pullover" image search returns many results that fit what you're describing. Can you be more specific, perhaps add a sketch?
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If you have a photo of it, you could commission someone to knit you a replacement!
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Response by poster: When I add the term “crop” to that search to try to get just crop tops, I see no images that fit what I’m describing. The white shapes are not in any sort of pattern like those I see when I search without the term “crop.” The shapes are all maybe 3 inches large and asymmetrical, like wonky lightning bolts and the like. I can try to add a sketch tomorrow.
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I owned a sweater with a pattern that sounds the same, but it was a cardigan with 3/4 sleeves and was long. It was from Talbot's. Maybe that helps narrow your search?
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