Another call for best podcast EPISODES
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I am not a podcast listener because I have a 10 minute bike commute and also am a terrible listener. However, I’m going to be driving for most of the next month, and would love to explore the world of podcasts. There are so many. Please recommend me the best INDIVIDUAL EPISODES of good podcasts. Anything goes, fiction, non-fiction, history, arts, tech, politics, comedy, absurdity, anything and everything else, but I have a slight preference for less chatty.

I have seen this and this, but a year contains a lot of episodes, and A LOT has happened in the past year. Feel free to repeat suggestions from those two previous asks because that means I’ll be twice as likely to take the suggestion!
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There is a Binnall of America episode where he talks to one of the few survivors of Jonestown. It was one of the most quietly gripping, profound, genuine interviews I have ever heard. On itunes, and also HERE.
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Response by poster: Oh also I am probably just gonna use the iPhone podcast app, if that matters at all.
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The episode of Radiolab about colors. You will not soon forget the choir singing “Mantis Shrimp”.
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Mystery Show, epsidode #3-Belt Buckle is great! You don't need context from the rest of the season to enjoy it.
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The Worst Journey in the World on Futility Closet. It redefined the limits of perseverance for me.
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Mark Maron's interview of Jeff Daniels.

Alec Baldwin's interview of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.
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It is hard to pick a best one from The Memory Palace but The Wheel, the story of Robert Smalls, is pretty darn good and has been cited by others on the Blue and the Green. The Memory Palace is just about the least chatty podcast I know.
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The two-parter of Reply All where one of the hosts tracks down the source of the tech support scam calls he's received. It takes some very unexpected twists that had me hanging on every word.
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It’s old, but utterly life changing in its knowledge drop. The Giant Pool of Money from This American Life. It lead to the founding of Planet Money, who themselves did amazing work. But The Giant Pool Of Money is a masterpiece.
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The first Moth story I ever heard, and the one that got me hooked: Elevator ER.
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Criminal: Episodes 53 and 54--"Melinda and Judy" and "Melinda and Clarence." You should definitely listen to them in that order.

Reply All: Episode 104, "The Phantom Caller;" Episode 74, "Making Friends."
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Love + Radio: The Silver Dollar and How to Argue. Interviews with Daryl Davis. (Recently recommended elsewhere on MF.)
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This American Life: Fiasco! (especially Act 3, Squirrel Cop). Also, Steve Zimmer's stories on The Moth, beginning with Stars, Rockets, and Moons.
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The Lucy episode of Radiolab, and the epilogue. Absolutely haunting. I listened to it while driving to see a friend, and had to pull over to finish listening to the episode and eventually got to my friend's house all red-eyed and teary.
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The Shortboard episode of Nocturne had me messmerised, Matthew Bryce's account of drifting out in the Irish Sea on his surfboard for 30 hours after being blown offshore.
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The Satire Paradox episode of Revisionist History.
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I love the Madam Secretary episode of Another Round, though it is definitely heartbreaking for me to hear it now.
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Dear Sugars -

The Infidelity Episodes (4 parts)
How Do We Forgive Our Fathers?
Haunted By Ghosting
The Unmothered Mother
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Recently, the Sex Appeal story on More Perfect really touched and informed me.

The Pool and the Stream on 99 Percent Invisible made me cry, not because of the content, which was for sure interesting, but because it was just so perfectly composed.

Where Criminals Get Their Guns on Reveal dug deep into several surprising aspects of gun control issues.

Almost a year after first listening, I still think back frequently on The Wishes of the Dead from Hi Phi Nation.

I thought the Lin Manuel Miranda episode of Song Exploder was pretty interesting and presented a satisfying little narrative arc and grooving little song.

I'm saving Code Switch's Disrespect for Miss Respect to listen to with my daughter, but a friend said it was great - let me know if you like it!
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Joe Rogan podcast with Lance Armstrong. I was of course peripherally aware of the doping scandal when it was going down, but it's a much more personal look at Armstrong.

I'm paraphrasing, Armstrong basically said:
If this was 15 years ago, I'd be lying to you right now


Aslo Marc Maron with Marilyn Manson. I'm not a fan of Manson's music at all, but the conversation between him and Maron is interesting as well.
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