Looking for a compact keyboard (UK) with Home/End keys, snowflakes ahoy!
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At present, I'm using half of the Logicool K240 combo as a desktop-bound keyboard. While it's fine for gaming, when it comes to typing it doesn't come anywhere close to my Thinkpad keyboard for productivity. I find that I use the Home and End keys a great deal, but on the K240 these functions are invoked with a pesky function key, and I don't care for that. Also, this keyboard uses one of those USB dongles, which is infuriating in the age of Bluetooth.

Having hunted through wirecutter reviews and the like, I tend to check off all of my requirements, only to be stumped by one of them. Annoyingly, bluetooth keyboards seem to be almost exclusively aimed at tablet users, which I am not. So I'm here to see if you have any keyboard recommendations that meet my very snowflakey criteria. Please hope me!

1. Dedicated Home/End keys.
2. Bluetooth connection. Must work with GNU/Linux.
3. Compact size, as in, doesn't have a dedicated number pad. For reference, the K240's dimensions are 21mm x 288mm x 139mm.
4. No fancy circular keys (as seen here), please. I've tried them, and they are awful for typing.
5. Must have a UK flavour available.
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You didn't put a price limit, so I'm going to go wild and suggest the KUL ES 87. I do not know if you can get it with a UK layout with the short left shift key and the | key in the "z" position, but maybe? It meets all the other requirements (except bluetooth) and you can easily get new keycaps for it to fix up the punctuation row up top.
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ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint?

2. Bluetooth connection. Must work with GNU/Linux.

Ehh, that's a toughie. Bluetooth and must work reliably with Linux? 'Cos I still find that I need a grotty old USB keyboard for those times that a system update decides that I don't have a BT keyboard. While the concept of BT is appealing, those ugly cheapo wireless keyboard dongles just work. every. time.
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Try the search term "84 key keyboard"; that's what they call a keyboard with a full set of arrows and home/end/etc, but no number pad.
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