World history timeline for multiple locations/events
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Is there any good website or took for looking at a world history timeline across locations/people/events? I've seen big posters and online images of those, but they are hard to use on a computer. I'd basically be looking for something where, if I'm in the era of Julius Caesar, for example, I can easily see what was happening in China around that time, who was prominent , etc. All very high-level kind of stuff. Any ideas?
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History's Timeline has side by side tables by continent, more detailed events by year and short articles about specific subjects.
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Sorry - I should clarify - something online, please!
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I googled world history timeline - which you may have already done - and found a few possibilities.

This link covers 1-999 AD, other periods accessible

This is probably too detailed and the format is a bulleted list, but I kind of liked it.

This is still pretty detailed, but has images.
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