Favorite over-ripe banana recipes?
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Due to an online shopping error, I am in possession of a couple dozen overripe bananas. I have a favorite banana bread recipe, but can only take so many loaves to work! I am thinking of a batch or two of muffins but I'd like some other banana-full recipes. I have seen this and this previously but am not looking for smoothie/frozen/fried/single-banana recipes. Any alternate suggestions for overripe bananas are welcome (e.g., can I polish my silver or use them to condition my dog's fur?) Thank you!
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This might be too close to a smoothie, but:

Chocolate banana milkshake: two bananas, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a splash or two of milk (depending on how thick you want it), and as much chocolate sauce as your inner four-year-old desires. Blend.
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Mash them up and freeze in 1- or 2-cup portions for baking later.
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Well, there‘s a recipe for Banana Short Mead that uses 4 lbs of bananas. Sounds vile, but maybe you still need a Christmas present for your worst enemy?
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Response by poster: Thank you! Won't threadsit, but don't have the space to freeze them, so would like recipes that allow me to use the bananas in the next couple of days. Thanks!
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You don't even need to mash them up: bananas in intact skins can be chucked in the freezer as-is and used for banana bread (or in other vehicles for mushy bananas) months later.
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I wouldn't take some of the health claims here very seriously but it's a nice roundup of mask recipes: have a banana spa day! (Note: the turmeric one *will* stain things.)

The monkey bread and banana-split icebox cake on this list are both good.

Maybe savoury recipes, something similar to tostones? (Though plantains really do work better. But maybe savoury banana fritters?) A restaurant I love does a breakfast called "Huevos Yucatecos" which is so good; it's a warm corn tortilla with black beans, green chile, swiss & feta cheese, pico de gallo, a fried egg on top, and a banana fried in butter on the side.
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Definitely slice and freeze for future use! Honestly, I like just eating the frozen slices as a snack. I also put them in overnight oats. There are a zillion recipes online, but my standard is:
- 1/2 C quick or rolled oats
- 1 C almond or soy milk
- dash of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
- handful of frozen berries
- handful of banana slices
==> Put everything in a mason jar, shake, and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, shake and stir, add extra water if it's too thick, and enjoy. I usually make 2 nights' worth at a time.
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Banana pudding
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Oh also, I see that freezer space is an issue, so maybe make banana chips in the oven?
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Make a ton of these - they are yummy. Give to neighbours to turn overripe bananas into friends.

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I know you said you have a favorite banana bread recipe... but you might consider this one anyway, because:
a) it's delicious
b) it takes 5 bananas for a loaf, when most other recipes seem to take 3.
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I've made these banana cookies quite a few times, and they're just so damn good. I always make them with chocolate chips, not nuts.

They are quite muffin-like in texture, like the best most delicious top of a muffin. It may not be enough of a departure for you, but it's at least a different format.
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Banana cake. Is not banana bread. I make this whenever I have leftover bananas

This banana cake is the best foolproof recipe I’ve found.

I halve my cake and fill with a thin layer of homemade curd (pineapple passion fruit or whatever takes my fancy) Then add the cream. Top with cream cheese icing with passion fruit pulp mixed in. I recently made this cake with coconut Swiss buttercream icing.

You can also just drizzle with icing sugar and serve with cream on the side if you want to keep it simple.
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My favorite banana cake (made it last night). You don't need so much sugar - maybe 1/2 the amounts listed. Add nuts if you like; put in orange or lemon zest or extract, or just make it plain. Good without any icing as a snack cake, or you can use chocolate or cream cheese. Bunch (couldn't resist, sorry) of ideas here. Whole dried chewy bananas (not chips) are pretty tasty.
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It would be so awesome to use this as an opportunity to experiment with a food dehydrator. If you have fast Amazon shipping that might work out.

Nothing works like banana bread though... maybe you'd consider freezing the bananas for future use in more banana bread baking? Not sure if your restriction note above was more anti-smoothie or anti-freezer.

I bring extra fruit and vegetables to a nearby shelter for people who are homeless. They can typically use whatever you bring that same day so nothing goes to waste.
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Mashed up banana, a dash of vanilla and a beaten egg make great banana pancakes. No flour needed.
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I just made some homemade peanut butter-banana treats for my dog. Very easy, there are several recipes online. Would also be a great gift for any of your friends with pups.
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banana pancakes!
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Banana vinegar?
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Banana jam? This recipe looks fantastic.
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Also, I can personally vouch for these banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
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This banana ketchup recipe looks interesting.
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Martha Stewart's Banana Cream Pie uses 8 bananas!
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You can have people over for bananas foster. Not sure if that counts as fried--they're sautéed with brown sugar and butter then flamed in rum. It is a complete no brainer dessert that never fails to impress because it's ON FIRE.
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Mash bananas together with sweet potatoes and season with salt, honey, a little cinnamon, and nutmeg. Great side dish.
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This banana cake recipe is amazing.
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Bananas also keep in the fridge if you have space there. The peel gets yucky and they aren't like "fresh" but you can hold them for a bit that way.
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Since discovering this Banana Sticky Date pudding, I haven't made a regular date-only pudding since. It's amazing and friends and family are always requesting it. I always double the butterscotch sauce bit though, cos I find everyone likes to drown their pudding in sauce
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I do not know who Mrs. Marder was, I believe she used to babysit my husband in the 1960's, but I know her cookies, and they are awesome.

Mrs. Marder's banana cookies:

5 cups flour
1 cup oil
1.5 cups sugar
.75 cups mashed bananas (about 2-3)
1.5 tsp vanilla
2 small eggs
5 tsp baking powder (yes, 5)*

Preheat oven to 325F. Mash bananas well. Mix in vanilla, oil, sugar and eggs. Then add flour and baking powder. Allow dough to stand for ˜15 minutes (otherwise dough will be too sticky to roll). Make into small balls, spaced wide apart on cookie sheets (these expand). Bake approx. 15-20 minutes until slightly browned at edges.

I generally top with a whole candied pecan before baking.

*(recipe actually says "yes, 5")
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