How to Catalog/Queue Music on YouTube?
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There's so much music on YouTube, but in-browser bookmarking tools don't really help with queueing. I normally queue music in iTunes, so that's the logical repository, but it's awfully tedious to export YouTube --> iTunes.

I'm actually happy about this obstruction, because I prefer to see artists get paid. I always buy music when it's available for sale, but lots of stuff (I'm into old and obscure music) isn't. So the following is my current clumsy workflow:

1. Download YouTube video to disk
2. Extract audio tracks
3. Import to iTunes
4. Manually type in track titles, album name, etc.
5. Create playlist
6. Feel annoyed that I don't have a good place to enter sideman credits, notes, etc.

Is there a more efficient way?

Streaming via Spotify, etc. won't work; they don't have the old/obscure stuff I like (and which YouTube excels at).
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If you're alright just listening directly on Youtube, you can add videos to your "watch later" playlist in Youtube (below the video player, to the right, the "add to" button). When whatever video that's currently playing in that playlist has finished, it will pick up any new videos that have been added since the current one began.
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Response by poster: Poor discovery, no sorting power, no meta data, wasted video data on mobile, etc.

"Watch Later" works great for videos, but not if you're using YouTube as a music source.
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So you are downloading music off YouTube instead of buying it, essentially? Prepare for some scolding in here about stealing.

I don't condone this, but I have done it in certain instances, and your method is entirely unnecessary -- at least steps 1 and 2. I google "YouTube to MP3" and I forget which site I use (some are garbage, some work great) and then I download and save the MP3. Once you find a site you like, it takes about 2 seconds. If you're ripping audio off YouTube, it's not going to save any metadata no matter what you do -- you're always going to need to enter than manually.
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Paste the URL of the youtube video in the search box across the top, and it will generate links to several different audio and/or video formats that you can download. Then do with them what you will.

I, too, listen to a lot of old and obscure music, and a lot of it is only available on youtube.
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Response by poster: Thanks, YentaMexicana. That at least combines steps 1 and 2. Quite an impressive array of formatting options; I'm trying to determine which is least lossy....
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In my experience, step 4 is often done already too.
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