Instant Messaging apps with a specific UI
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Is there any Instant Messaging app that works with Hangouts, Skype etc that has a UI like Tweetdeck?

I liked Tweetdeck's interface (still do for twitter) where you can set up columns for each search/hashtag or important people instead of having to scroll through 100s of messages.

I wish some IM app or plugin exists which provides a similar interface. We currently use Slack with some of our major clients, Hangouts & Skype internally. All of them show the contacts on the left side, with the messages on the right.

When there are active conversations, I have to click on each of the contacts to see and respond. The column view would be compact and let me quickly see all conversations.

Thinking about it, most IM apps don't have a compact UI - something that uses condensed views with smaller fonts, less whitespace etc.

Any ideas?
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It does not work with Hangouts, Skype, etc. -- but I believe Facebook Messenger's chat when viewing from Facebook itself (as opposed to a phone app or will open each chat in a tab along the bottom of the screen.
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